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CC-120/CC-250/CC-400 Belt conveyor

cc-250 wire conveyor

Smoothly wire processing

CC-250 is the belt conveyor for long wire processing by CASTUGNON series. When processes long wire length more than around 1m, it hard to deliver a wire in the middle of a processing process. It can process long wire processing smoothly by using Conveyor that chooses the model from CC-120, CC-250 and CC-400 depends on a processing of wire length.


Model CC-120 CC-250 CC-400
Wire Length max : 1,500mm max : 3,000mm max : 4,500mm
Power Supply AC100V or 220V    50/60Hz
Power Consumption max : 120W
Dimension    1,200 x 550 x 1,165mm       2,500 x 550 x 1,165mm       4,000 x 550 x 1,165mm   
Weight 39kg 64kg 131kg