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C558SZ wire crimp machine with wire seal insert

castugnon c558sz processing

Stable wire seal machine

C558SZ process both end crimping and both end inserting wire seal that a lot of kinds of type automatically.

DF-01 Wire seal insertion unit

C558SZ is equipped with DF-01 that is a wire seal insertion unit of the new development at both end. It receive a high evaluation from users.

Equipped CHA and CFM

C558SZ installed DF-01 wire seal unit, based on C551SZ. so it is also equipped with CHA Crimp height auto adjust unit that can memory and reproduce the ram height, CFM Crimp force monitor that check the pressure of crimping terminal.

CFM Crimp force monitor   ※test data sample


No crimping terminal

When crimper crimp without crimping terminal, the crimp pressure does not break out. Then the curve is displayed flat.

Cutting conductor

If the machine cut wire conductor more than 10% when stripping a wire insulation by blade, the crimping pressure is lower. Then the curve is displayed lower at the top.

Crimping insulation

If crimper crimp with wire insulation together when the wire position is deep to crimp terminal, the crimping pressure is up. Then the curve is displayed up from a beginning to the top.

DF-01 Wire seal supply and insert unit

DF-01 Wire seal supply and insert unit

Wire seal supply Disc feeder

Kodera original disc feeder perform stable wire seal supply from small wire seal like a 025 type to big wire seal like a 090 type than straight feeder as other wire seal machine.

Wire seal insert Carry pin & chuck

After supply a wire seal by disc feeder, Carry pin pick a wire seal and Carry chuck that was made to from the shape of wire seal grip a wire seal from Carry pin certainly, and then Carry chuck insert a wire seal to a cutting wire.




Model C558SZ
Processing Variation Front end : Cut, Strip, Terminal Crimping, Wire seal insert
Rear end : Cut, Strip, Terminal Crimping, Wire seal insert
Stripping Length Front : 0.1mm ~30mm / Rear : 0.1 ~ 20mm
Cutting Length max 99,999mm
Cutting Tolerance ±( 0.2 + 0.002 × L )mm
Minimum Processing Length   L ≧ 25mmminimum length
Wire Size AWG #12(3.5sq) ~ #32(0.03sq)   ※Depend on the wire type.
Wire Type AVSS, AVS, AV, CAVUS, KV, KIV, UL, Teflon, etc
Crimper Capacity 2.5ton
Crimper Stroke 30mm or 40mm
Terminal Type Open barrel side feed/end feed type    ※max 27mm
Power Supply AC200 or 220 or 240V    50/60Hz
Power Consumption rated : 450W / max : 1,900W
Air Supply 45Nl/min   0.5MPa
Equipment   CFM Crimp force monitor, CHA Crimp height auto adjust unit,
DF-01 Wire seal insertion unit
Dimension 1,090 x 780 x 1,550mm
Weight 480kg