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CASTUGNON C550HX cut and strip and crimp and solder machine for wire high speed type

C550HX Auto crimp and soldering machine


High speed wire solder machine

C550HX is the fastest automatic wire crimp and twisting and soldering machine. C550HX implement beautiful soldering and high productivity with equiped new type twist unit flux and solder unit, and also implement stable crimping by Crimp force monitor and HX terminal applicator with the result in C551HX.
Total Length Processing Capacity
30mm 8,450 pcs/hour
50mm 8,200 pcs/hour
70mm 8,000 pcs/hour
150mm 6,200 pcs/hour
500mm 5,250 pcs/hour
                                 ※Depend on the wire type.

HX Terminal Applicator


New type Terminal Applicator

HX Applicator is compact and light design than normal crimping Applicator. It have an IC Tag built in a applicator, and it transfer the Crimping ID data to a machine automatically when operator put applicator in a Crimper, then almost all setting up is finished.
Crimper ID 1.Terminal information  2.Wire information
3.core diameter  4.Crimp height  5.Crimp force
6.Strip length  7.Crimp position  8.Shot number
(max 8 digits)  9.Trip shot number (max 7 digits)
10.Administrator  11.Lot No.
Anvil ID 1.Terminal information  2.Shot number
(max 8 digits)  3.Trip shot number (max 7 digits)
4.Administrator  5.Lot No.

Wire fluxing and soldering unit

c550hx solder pot

Rotating soldering pot

Kodera original solder bath is always rotate when solder temperature is up to target degree, and there is a filter plate for cleaning the solder surface in the soldering pot, so It can always keep clean the solder surface, and it suppress the vibration by separate structure.
c550hx flux unit

Circulation fluxing unit

It is very important for wire soldering to put flux to a wire certainly, so Kodera adopted the new type fluxing unit on C550HX. Circulation fluxing unit always circulate flux and drop flux like a waterfall at point of putting flux to wire.




Model C550HX
Processing Variation Front end : Cut, Strip, Terminal Crimping
Rear end : Cut, Strip, Twisting, Soldering
Stripping Length Front : 0.1mm ~34.5mm / Rear : 0.1 ~ 5.5mm
Cutting Length max 99,999mm
Cutting Tolerance ±( 0.1 + 0.0005 × L )mm
Minimum Processing Length L ≧ 19mmminimum length
Wire Size AWG #18 (0.75sq) ~ #32 (0.03sq)   ※Depend on the wire type.  
Wire Type AVSS, AVS, AV, CAVUS, KV, KIV, UL, Teflon, etc
Crimper Capacity 1.2ton
Terminal Type Open barrel side feed type only    ※max 27mm
Power Supply AC100 ~ 240V    50/60Hz
Power Consumption rated : 330W (100V) / max : 850W (100V)
Air Supply 18Nl/min   0.5MPa
Equipment   CFM Crimp force monitor, ID tag, Data send/receive device,
Wire Twisting Unit, Wire Soldering Unit
Optional Equipment CPD-06 Bobbin Wire Supply Unit
Dimension 700 x 550 x 1,210mm
Weight 190kg