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CASTING C371A/CSL-501/CMS-801A2 cut and strip and slit machine for electric wire and cable

C381A Wire cut and stripping machine


Belt feed

C381A is attached the feeding Belt, based on C371A. It is suitable for the wire and cable that the surface has an irregularity.

Optional equipment available

C381A can attach the optional Mid Strip Unit CMS-801A2.

Optional equipment


CMS-801A2 Mid Stripping Unit

C381A with CMS-801A2 can strip at middle of wire with a outer diameter of up to 8φ, and up to 10 different position by easy setting on control panel. It can perform certain processing by 4 mid stripping blades.

Processing Capacity

Total Length Processing Capacity
100mm 7,100 pcs/hour
200mm 6,550 pcs/hour
300mm 6,050 pcs/hour
500mm 5,250 pcs/hour
1,000mm 3,950 pcs/hour
2,000mm 2,700 pcs/hour
3,000mm 1,950 pcs/hour
                           ※Processing condition:
                           Front/Rear strip length 3mm, Speed 9, wire UL1007/AWG#22, thin wire mode


Model C381A
Stripping Length Front/Rear : 0.1 ~ 47.9mm
Cutting Length 0.1 ~ 99,999mm
Cutting Tolerance ±( 0.1 + 0.0005 × L )mm
  Minimum Processing Length   L ≧ 50mmminimum length
Wire Size AWG #7(10sq) ~ #28(0.08sq)   ※Depend on the wire type.
Wire Diameter max φ11mm   ※Depend on the wire type.
Wire Type AVSS, VSF, IV, KV, UL, Teflon, etc
Power Supply AC100 ~ 240V    50/60Hz
Optional equipment CMS-801A2 Mid Stripping Unit
Dimension 430 x 420 x 270mm
Weight 27kg