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C372A Corrugated tube cutting machine


Beautiful cutting surface

C372A can process corrugated tube cutting in a beautiful cutting surface by using common knife blade, and guide system that guide both side the blade. It is a new model from C372.

Corrugated tube supply

C372A have prepared optional corrugated tubing supply system, Tube prefeeder CPF-02B and Tube feeder CCS-02. Using these supply system with C372A, can cut Corrugated tube automatically.

C372A with CPF-02B + CCS-02




Processing Capacity

Total Length Processing Capacity
50mm 6,600 pcs/hour
100mm 6,200 pcs/hour
500mm 4,050 pcs/hour
1,000mm 2,700 pcs/hour
2,000mm 1,600 pcs/hour
                                      ※Processing condition:
                                      speed 7, tube diameter 11mm


Model C372A
Cutting Length 0.1 ~ 99,999mm
Tube Diameter max φ38mm   ※Depend on the tube type.
Tube Type Corrugated tube, PVC tube, etc
Power Supply AC100 or 110V or 220V    50/60Hz
Air Supply 10Nl/min   0.5MPa
Optional equipment CPF-02B (CPFC+CPFFB) Tube Prefeeder, CCS-02 Tube Feeder
Dimension 430 x 465 x 307mm
Weight 34kg