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KM-802N/KM-804N/KM-806N wire crimp press machine

KM-802N Crimping Machine



KM-802N is noiseless terminal crimping press so does not choose the setting place by a clutchless type.

Optional equipment available

KM-802N can attach the optional equipment, Crimp force monitor, Paper winder, Carrier cutter, Safety cover.

One-touch base plate

KM-802N is equipped JAM type or AMP type One-touch base plate by default. so It's easy to install Applicators.

Optional equipment


KM Crimp Force Monitor

KM-CFM check the crimp force by piezoelectric sensor and display the curve on the graph every crimp. Crimping press will alert, when the curve is different than good sample curve.

Paper winding unit

Paper winder wind up the paper of reel of Terminal automaticaly, when the paper is loosing.

Carrier cut unit

Carier cutter cut the carier plate of side-feed Terminal automaticaly, when using Non-cut type Applicators.


Model KM-802N KM-804N KM-806N
Crimp Power 2 ton 4 ton 6 ton
Stroke 30mm (40mm available on demand)
Power Supply 220V   50/60Hz
  Optional equipment   KM-CFM, Paper winder, Carrier cutter, Safety cover
Dimension    330 x 260 x 640mm       330 x 260 x 680mm       330 x 260 x 880mm   
Weight 65kg 75kg 95kg