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CS-04P terminal crimp cross section Monitor

CS-04P Crimp Cross Section Monitor


CS-04P Cut and Grinding Unit

CS-04P cut Terminal by rotated Grindstone and grind by sandpaper after putting Terminal on Clampping Jig directly without hardening by resin
clamping jig clamping jig

CS-S-077S Software

CS-S-077S software

CS-0-077 MicroScope

It is including 3M pixel USB Camera and X, Y position adjust stage.

CS-S-077S Software

After cutting terminal by CS-04P, It can check the Crimp cross section, and can measure Crimp Height, Crimp Width and Crimp Area after Crimpping Terminal by CS-S-077S.

NG sample1 NG sample2 NG sample3




Model CS-04P CS-0-077
Wire Size AWG12 ~ 36 -
Drive DC motor -
USB Camera - 3M pixel USB2.0
       Power Supply               AC100 ~ 240V 50/60HZ           AC100 ~ 240V 50/60HZ (LED)   
Weight 16kg 4kg